Permanent makeup is a micropigmentation study. In permanent make-up, which is a tattoo-like application, various procedures are performed to make the appearance more aesthetic, vibrant and healthy.

What Are The Images That Can Be Done With Permanent Makeup?
Permanent makeup,

Eyebrow contour
Filling eyebrows and removing sparse appearance
Lip contour
Permanent lipstick application on lips
Eyeliner on the eyes
Eye liner application to the upper and lower parts of the eyes
Make eyelashes look fuller with point applications on the bottom of the eyelashes.
How to Make Permanent Makeup?
This treatment is applied with needles of various thickness and shapes, under local anesthesia, by choosing the appropriate dye color for the image to be made, and by imprisoning the dyes under the skin. Before the treatment, a careful preparation phase is required. The patient is examined and his demands are learned. The image to be made according to the make-up requested by the patient is designed. This design is made directly on the patient in the field of application. However, cosmetic pencils are used in the design. After the steps such as drawing shaping, removing and cutting the hair if necessary, the procedure starts under local anesthesia. The dyes taken into needles with various techniques are confined under the skin. The techniques used are techniques such as bristle technique, shading, and filling.

Which technique will be applied where, how and in what depth is determined by the expert. Because how the most natural and aesthetic appearance can be obtained can only be determined by an expert. After the design is fixed with the techniques applied by following a certain route for the target image, the application area is sterilized and the process is terminated.

What Are the Colors Used in Permanent Makeup and How to Choose?
The colors used are selected taking into account the feature of the image to be made, the patient's skin color, hair, eyebrow, eye color, and the color that will be suitable for the requested image.

Colors used in permanent make-up,

Brown tones
Red hues
Caramel hues
Pink, red and peach tones
They are colors such as blue and green.
Generally, black and brown tones in eyeliner applications, colors suitable for hair color such as brown, black, caramel and red brown in eyebrows, colors such as green, blue, black, brown in eye pencil and pink and red in lipsticks are used.

How many sessions is permanent makeup done?
These treatments are treatments that are completed in a single session. Some temporary side effects can be seen after the desired image is made in a single session. After these side effects heal and the dyes become natural, the image should be checked and retouched should be done if necessary. Retouching can also be done in a single session.

Are The Results Achieved With Permanent Makeup Lasting For A Lifetime?
Images made with this treatment are not permanent for life. Imprisoned dyes are made with special semi-permanent semi-temporary dyes to prevent allergies. In this way, both images can be renewed and may not be done again if not desired. In addition, these dyes can be erased with laser thanks to their feature. The average duration of permanent make-up is 9 months.

What are Permanent Makeup Prices?
In order for the information about permanent makeup prices to be clear, the treatment plan should be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about permanent makeup and prices.