Although there is no regional thinning weight problem, they are the treatments applied as a solution to the problem of disproportion, excess weight, a thicker appearance and cellulite in some parts of the body. One of these treatments is cavitation.
Cavitation is a regional attenuation treatment using sound waves.

How is Cavitation Done?
With the cavitation device, which has the appropriate equipment for this treatment, the problematic area of ​​the patient is applied as if massaging with some movements with the device head. During this application, ultrasound waves that will create a cavitation effect are given. In this way, sessions are carried out.

What is the Effect of Cavitation Provides Regional Slimming?
During cavitation, localized resistant fats lose their resistance both with certain movements in a certain direction and by the application by the specialist and with the effect of the ultrasound waves given during the application on the subcutaneous fat tissues. Fats, which begin to shrink and liquefy where they are, are removed from the body over time with metabolic activities. This time can be different for each patient. Because each patient's metabolic rate and lymphatic activity rate may differ.

How Many Sessions Is Cavitation Applied?
The number of sessions of this treatment varies according to the excess weight of the region. In addition, how many different areas will be treated affects the number of sessions.

In Which Regions Is The Application Done?
The areas where treatment can be applied are the areas with regional weight. In other words, cavitation can be performed in all regions where there are regional excess and asymmetry problems caused by adipose tissues.

• Hip
• Waist
• Leg
• Arm
Very frequent applications are made in areas such as the back.
When Does Cavitation Affect?
The first positive effects in the treatment begin to be seen from the second session. The real results are seen after the last session, when all the processed and ready to be thrown fat is thrown away. This period is on average within 15 days after the last session.

How is the Image Obtained by Cavitation Preserved?
It is necessary to make changes in some habits in order to preserve the regional thinning obtained after the treatment. For this, revisions are required in diet and movement habits. It may be necessary to get expert help in this regard. This help can be a dietician's help. In addition, preventive treatments can be applied after cavitation. These preventive treatments can be cavitation treatments or other aesthetic applications to be performed for long periods.

For example, after regional thinning with cavitation, while protecting your weight by paying attention to your diet, doing sports,

Lymph drainage
• With practices such as passive gymnastics, you can have supportive and form-preserving treatments. Correct guidance and options on the subject will be provided by your doctor.
Who Can Be Applied To Cavitation?
This treatment should be applied to healthy people where ultrasound waves and blood circulation rate that will increase with the procedure will be inconvenient. You should definitely consult your doctor about the subject.

What are Cavitation Prices?
In order for the information about cavitation and regional thinning prices to be clarified, the treatment plan should be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about cavitation and its prices.