Cellulite treatment

On the upper legs
In the thigh area
These are the treatments applied for the solution of cellulite problems in the hips.
How Does Cellulite Occur?
Cellulite is formed by the squeezing of resistant local fats between the muscles and staying there and coming closer to the skin. Cellulites, which are more common in women with white skin, can be resolved with a number of treatments.

What Are Cellulite Treatments?
Cellulite treatments are treatments that have different effect mechanisms that can be applied according to the severity of the cellulite problem. These treatments,

Fat removal (liposuction)
Laser lipolysis
Cold lipolysis
Treatments such as lymph drainage (pressotherapy).
Which Cellulite Treatments Are More Effective?
It is a little difficult to say that the most effective cellulite treatment is the "that" treatment. Because the goal of each treatment is different. What is meant by this goal is how big the cellulite problem is. Cellulite treatment that needs to be applied should be preferred very well. Because, in order for cellulite treatments to be successful, treatment should be applied according to the depth of the cellulite problem.

Which Cellulite Treatment Is More Suitable For Me?
Which of the cellulite treatments will be more suitable for your cellulite will be determined as a result of your doctor's examination. However, some classifications can be made to give an idea.

For example, if the cellulite problem is too much and it is experienced not only in the legs but also in the thigh and hip areas, the most appropriate treatment may be liposuction.

If the cellulite problem is experienced only in the upper legs, treatments such as cold lipolysis and cavitation can be applied. While selective treatments are preferred, the most appropriate treatments that can get results in a short time are applied. It can often be recommended to combine regional slimming treatments with each other and get faster results.

Are the Treatments Painful?
Local anesthesia is used in most of the treatments. General anesthesia is used predominantly in liposuction and liposuction treatments. In addition, some treatments do not require anesthesia.

Can Cellulite Treatments Be Combined With Each Other?
Of course. Suitable cellulite treatments can be combined with each other. Some treatments that are suitable for this,

Cold lipolysis and lymph drainage
There may be treatments such as cavitation and passive gymnastics.
The most accurate guidance in this regard and the times of application of the treatments will be shaped as a result of your doctor's examination.

Do Cellulite Treatments Give Immediate Results?
In many treatments, the results are seen in the following sessions and within 20 days after the last session. In the treatment of fat removal with liposuction, the result is seen immediately.

Are Treatment Results Permanent?
If the treatment results are not paid attention to, the cellulite will recur in a short time. However, if you pay attention to nutrition and exercise, the results of cellulite treatment will be permanent for a long time. Although there is no cellulite problem in order to maintain the results, suitable cellulite treatments such as lymph drainage and passive gymnastics can be applied in certain periods.

What are the Cellulite Treatment Prices?
For cellulite treatment prices, it is necessary to plan the treatment method and treatment process. Prices will take shape within this plan. Therefore, a doctor's examination is required. You can contact us for details and get an appointment to learn cellulite treatment prices.