Electrotherapy is the treatment of the body with a very low current electric current for regional thinning and body contouring. The main mechanism of action of this treatment is to do gymnastics for subcutaneous items. In short, passive gymnastics is applied to the body with electrotherapy.

How is Electrotherapy Applied?
The method of application of the treatment is with the help of the device designed for this treatment. The electrodes of the device are adhered to the appropriate treatment area. Then, the device, which is set at the current suitable for the patient, is started and the patient is rested in this way for a certain period of time. While the patient is resting, electrotherapy does its job and the effect is started for regional weakening, tightening and edema under the skin.

After the time is over, the electrodes are taken from where they were attached. The session is ended.

How Does Electrotherapy Work?
With the low current, the subcutaneous fat tissues are activated and lymphatic flow is accelerated. In this way, the fats that are activated by the blood circulation and metabolic activities stimulated by lymphatic flow are more easily removed from the body. Fats that cannot move with their own effort and diet are moved from the ground in this way. In addition, with the current and vibration, the networks of elastin and collagen fibers under the skin are supported and tightened. In this way, while slimming is achieved, shaping is also achieved.

Is Electrotherapy Painful?
This treatment is in the logic of passive massage. Therefore, there is no pain or pain. Because there is no injection, medication or incision. However, tingling may be felt in the application areas for a few minutes after the process is over. This feeling means that the procedure is successful and the fat tissues are activated, just like in lymph drainage.

Is Electric Current Used in Electrotherapy Harmful?
No. Because the currents applied are harmless and very low frequency. Besides, there are some types of electric currents used in the process. These types vary according to the characteristic of the current. In the treatment, continuous current is applied, sometimes intermittent and periodic currents are applied. This is important for the treatment content and solving the existing problem. In this respect, it is important for the success of the treatment to be treated by a specialist on the subject and the separation of currents according to the problem and the correct adjustment of which current to what intensity and how much by the specialist.

How many sessions is electrotherapy applied?
The number of sessions in this treatment may be slightly higher than other regional slimming treatments. Because the sessions should continue in order for the electric currents to initiate an effect under the skin and to continue the effect until the target image is reached.

In Which Areas Is Electrotherapy Applied?
This treatment can be applied in all regions that have regional excess and need shaping. Generally, applications are made quite often for areas with cellulite and the belly area.

What are Electrotherapy Prices?
In order for the information about electrotherapy prices to be clear, the treatment plan must be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about electrotherapy, regional thinning and prices.