Pressotherapy, also known as lymph drainage, is a treatment that is applied as a support to regional thinning treatments and has an effect on slimming, tightening and edema removal and body shaping.

How is Lymph Drainage Performed?
First of all, it should be noted that Pressotherapy treatment is not a painful, painful regional slimming treatment. This treatment is applied by wrapping the patient in a special suit that will stimulate lymph flow.

This outfit is roughly in the form of regional covers. When these sheaths, which are wrapped around the patient according to the application area, are fully wrapped in the appropriate points, they are operated by the specialist in a setting suitable for the treatment content. These determinations are adjusted according to the patient's type and degree of problem. In other words, will lymph drainage be applied only as a supportive treatment or for regional thinning and body contouring or to remove edema without thinning? Depending on the answers to these questions, the treatment course may change. Applications continue for the period determined by the expert. After the period is completed, the dressing is removed from the patient and the session is ended.

What is Feeled in the Sessions?
A slight pressure, vibration and heat is felt during the application. After the application, tingling and stinging may be felt in and around the treatment area at the end of the session. These feelings indicate that the treatment has been successful.

How Does the Mechanism of Action of Lymph Drainage Work?
The mechanism of action of pressotherapy works as follows;

The veins in the body provide blood and lymph flow. Having these flows at normal values ​​is important both for health and for metabolic rate, which is the basis for solving weight problems.

In regional lipoidosis, as the fat expands in volume, it puts pressure on the vessels providing blood and lymph flow. With this pressure, the flow slows down and fats, that is, regional weights begin to settle.

In pressotherapy, where the device is applied,

Fats soften with heat
With light pressure, the flow in the vessels is relieved and lymph flow is stimulated and accelerated.
The removal of oils is activated by vibration.
With all these effects, lymphatic flow and metabolism are stimulated depending on this flow. The mechanism of action of pressotherapy is briefly like this.

Who Can Apply Lymph Drainage?
In order for this treatment to be applied, it is very important that the person does not have heart, circulatory, blood pressure problems. In addition, treatment is not recommended for mothers who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

Postpartum Lymph Drainage Treatment
The mother who gave birth can receive lymph drainage treatment after her baby is weaned. The mother who breastfeeds her baby in a normal process sheds some of her birth weight by breastfeeding. However, the settled weight and edema can be removed with pressotherapy without the need for other treatments.

Lymph Drainage and Other Treatments
Pressotherapy is the most practical treatment that can be applied in support of other regional thinning treatments. At the same time, pressotherapy, which also provides tightening, is a treatment that can be combined with pressotherapy when applied alone without supporting other treatments. This treatment is passive gymnastics. Regional thinning initiated with pressotherapy can be supported by passive gymnastics.

What are Lymph Drainage Prices?
In order for the information about pressotherapy prices to be clear, the treatment plan must be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about lymph drainage and prices.