Radiofrequency treatment is a regional thinning treatment. In this treatment, a procedure is applied on localized fats using radiofrequency waves. As the procedures are continued, regional thinning is provided with the effect of radiofrequency.

How is Radiofrequency Treatment Performed?
Radiofrequency treatment is performed with a radiofrequency device that has the appropriate equipment for this treatment. Necessary controls and preparations are made in the application area before the treatment. Then, radiofrequency waves are sent while massaging the skin with the head of the device. In this way, the entire area is treated for an appropriate amount of time. The session is ended after the necessary steps are completed.

Radiofrequency Provides Regional Thinning With What Effect?
When radio frequencies, that is, radio waves, reach under the skin, they stimulate subcutaneous elements, water molecules and ions such as sodium, calcium, potassium. This stimulation allows the acceleration of molecules and ions. In addition to this effect, radio waves apply 10 degrees more than the temperature felt in the area where it is treated. In this way, the temperature to which the subcutaneous items are exposed is around 50 degrees. These stimulations, accelerations and heat weaken the resistance of resistant fat tissues and deform the membranes that hold the fat together. Fats that are resistant in this way lose their old resistance and decrease in volume with the continuation of the sessions and are removed from the body by lymphatic and metabolic activities. In order to get rid of the body in a shorter time, there should be no health or hormonal disorders that will hinder metabolic movements. If the person has a discomfort in this regard, it will take a longer time to see the results of the treatment.

In Which Areas Can Radiofrequency Treatment Be Applied?
This treatment can be applied in all regions with regional weight.

What are the Advantages of Radiofrequency Treatment?
With this treatment, the most important issue that the patient is advantageous in regional slimming is the practicality of the treatment. In other words, the patient can continue his daily life immediately after the session. In addition, there is no incision in this treatment. The application is done on the skin. There is no pain.

In addition to these, radiofrequency treatment does not provide an immediate regional weakening, so there is no sagging, loosening, loss of elasticity, and skin cracks in the skin. Because such negative effects are only caused by the sudden and rapid removal of the fat under the skin and the inability of the skin to collect itself as a shock.

Radiofrequency Treatment How Many Sessions Are Performed?
The number of sessions of the treatment in question is proportional to the regional weight problem. If the regional weights are not too much, the number of sessions will be less.

Radiofrequency and Other Regional Weight Loss Treatments
With this treatment, when other regional slimming treatments are applied together, regional thinning can be achieved faster and more accurately. The most combined regional slimming applications with this treatment are,

Mesotherapy and PRP application
Lymph drainage
It is cavitation.
What are the Prices of Radiofrequency Treatment?
In order for the information about the regional thinning prices with radiofrequency to be clarified, the treatment plan should be determined. You can contact us to get detailed information about this subject, radiofrequency and prices.