What is Capillary Disease?
Capillaries are the thinnest, smallest veins in the human body. The expansion of these vessels for various reasons and their excessive blood supply disrupts the natural structure of the capillaries. An element whose natural structure is disrupted means that it is sick, and the vessels in this way cause capillary disorders. These disorders are other systemic disorders, especially Rosacea.

Aesthetic image disorders caused by telangiectasia, also known as capillary disorders, can be treated with laser.

What are the Elements Causing Capillary Problems?
The cause of these problems is,

Not being protected from the sun
Have white skin
Sensitive skin type
Genetic inheritance
Eating and drinking habits
Wearing high-heeled shoes for long periods of time
How Capillaries Disrupt the Aesthetic Image?
The aesthetic appearance disorder in question occurs when the expanding capillaries appear on the skin. It is the appearance of the vein with a thin and long appearance in the form of a red and purplish capillary on the skin. The color of this image indicates how far the capillary problem has progressed, that is, how much the vein has expanded. The darker the hair vein image, the more intense the problem can mean. In addition to this, in addition to the capillary appearance, there may be a scattered rash that is not clearly demarcated in the area where the capillary vessel expands. Such situations will become clear with the examination.

How Is Capillary Vascular Treatment Performed With Laser?
In this treatment, laser beams are sent to the capillary vessels through the skin using a special laser system. The laser beams create a deformation with the heat and speed of the expanding vessels that they reach. Just like the skin's healing mechanism, the deformed and damaged conduction of the capillary vessel stops the expansion and recovers itself. In this way, the complained problem is both taken under control and the resulting bad vein image is treated.

In Which Areas Can Capillary Vein Treatment With Laser Be Applied?
This treatment can be applied in all areas with capillary problems. Especially in the face area where the Rosacea problem, which is common, is quite frequently treated. In addition, these disorders are also experienced in areas such as legs, arms and feet. However, before the problem in this area can be treated with laser, it should be learned whether the problem here is caused by another vascular disease.

The application and mechanism of action are the same in all treatment areas.

What Precautions Should Be Taken After Laser Capillary Vein Treatment?
After the mentioned treatment, it is necessary to be protected from the sun very well. It is important to prefer quality care and cosmetic products after the treatments performed in the face area and not to stand upside down for a long time. After capillary vessel treatments for legs and other areas, it is important not to stand for a long time, to lie down after standing for a long time or to rest by standing the legs up for a maximum of 2 minutes, and to prefer comfortable shoes.

What are the prices of capillary treatment with laser?
In order for the information about laser capillary treatment prices to be clarified, the treatment plan must be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about capillary treatment and prices.