What is a crack?
Crack, with its correct name, is the skin's response to cracks, tension and relaxation occurring in the skin. Skin cracks appear darker or lighter than the skin color, like a thin path. This image is literally like a crack visible under the skin.

How Does Skin Crack Occur?
Leather is a somewhat complex structure. The skin contains fibers called collagen and elastin. These fibers are intertwined like a spider web. The stronger and more dense collagen and elastin are, the stronger the elasticity of the skin, ie its ability to relax, stretch, and protect it against external influences. In the skin with weak elasticity, cracks occur with a sudden loosening after the tension and growth. Because the skin without elasticity cannot handle this sudden change and reacts as it cannot recover in a short time.

Tension, growth and relaxation sufficient for the formation of skin cracks,

Body development with hormonal change in adolescence
Growth of neck, breast enlargement, neck lengthening in adolescence
It is due to excessive weight gain or weight loss quickly.
How is Stretch Mark Treatment Performed with Laser?
Skin crack treatment with laser is performed using the laser system used in capillary vessel treatment. Laser beams are sent on the cracks sequentially along the line where the crack is located. Here, with the heat and speed of laser beams, it creates a controlled damage where the cracks are. In this way, the damaged skin has a self-healing mechanism, healing the damage it receives and healing the deformed cracks. Thus, the problem is solved.

In Which Areas Is Laser Skin Cracked Treatment Applied?
Skin cracks, due to the formation reasons,

Area between arm and armpit
Waist circumference
It is quite common in areas such as the hips. Treatments are also applied in these areas. In short, crack treatment can be applied to any area where cracks are a problem.
Is Laser Crack Treatment Painful?
There may be some pain in the treatment in question. However, as in other aesthetic treatments performed with laser, laser scanning is performed in company with apparatus blowing cold air and the pain felt is reduced. However, if the patient is afraid of pain, local anesthetic creams can be used.

What are Laser Stretch Marks Treatment Prices?
In order for the information about laser crack treatment prices to be clarified, the treatment plan must be determined. You can contact us to get detailed information about this issue, namely, crack treatment and prices.