Fractional Co2 laser is a treatment for skin rejuvenation and resolution of skin problems. In this treatment,

Hand rejuvenation
Facial rejuvenation is provided. These rejuvenations are,
Wrinkle and line removal
Repairing skin blemishes
Pore ​​tightening
Balancing skin elements
Reducing scars (wounds, burns, surgery scars, birth marks) and acne pimples on the skin
Superficial cracks in the formation phase are tried to be treated by treating.
How is Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Performed?
In this treatment, fractional laser systems and carbon fluid are used. In order to be treated, there should be no dirt caused by make-up and external effects in the application area. Appropriate amount of carbon solution is applied to the clean area by the expert. The application is made with the help of a cotton disc and the solution is left to dry a little on the skin. Then, lasers are applied to the whole area where carbon is applied. First of all, laser shots are made with top scanning. Later, laser shots start in the form of a second round, but carbon is burned with laser in this round. Burning carbon is an important step in treatment. Because the carbon burned by the laser and taken with it while passing under the skin penetrates fully under the skin. In this way, carbon and laser power combine to initiate a stronger treatment on the above-listed skin problems and signs of aging.

Both the skin's own healing mechanism and the treatment mechanism works with the healing feature of carbon when the skin is deformed by laser. In addition, collagen and elastin networks are also stimulated in this treatment and a rejuvenation effect is achieved on the skin.

Is Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser Painful?
In this treatment, a small amount of pain can be felt with the power of the laser. However, applications are made with the help of devices that apply cold air pressure. Thus, with the continuous delivery of cold air to the application area, the balance of the quality of the sensation on the skin surface is disrupted after a while and the pain is quite alleviated. This disturbance of sensation passes immediately after the session. Because this effect is only achieved with cold air and the effect wears off when the air is taken over the skin.

What Should Be Considered After The Sessions?
After the sessions of this treatment, it is very important to protect from the sun and keep the skin clean. In addition, it is important not to consume excessively fatty foods that may affect the success of the treatment and not to use the wrong care products. Detailed information about the subject will be specified by your doctor.

Who Can Apply Fractional Co2 Skin Treatments?
The treatment in question,

Not pregnant
The baby is weaned
Does not have circulatory, heart, blood, sugar, blood pressure disorders
Without an active skin disease and infection
It can be applied to all male and female patients whose adolescence period is completed.
How Many Sessions of Fractional Co2 Laser Should Be Used?
For the answer to this question, the doctor needs to examine the patient and identify skin problems. Some skin problems are not deep and can be treated in 3 sessions. However, 5 - 8 sessions may be required for intense problems.

When are the results seen?
As with all skin treatments, results begin to be seen after the first session, with the improvement of temporary side effects after the session. Actual results are observed within 1 week after the last session and the last session. Unfortunately, the aesthetic results obtained do not have a lifetime permanence period. Because if attention is not paid, skin problems can recur. In this case, some precautions should be taken to ensure that the aesthetic results obtained are permanent. The most important of these measures is daily skin care and medical skin care with the right products. These maintenance should be done both with the right products and periodically without interruption.
Apart from this, fractional carbon dioxide laser can be combined with other aesthetic applications, the treatment can be reproduced in a supportive way with long intervals and few sessions.

What are Fractional Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Laser Prices?
In order for the information about fractional Co2 laser prices to be clarified, the treatment plan must be determined. You can contact us to get detailed information about fractional co2 laser and its prices.