The busy pace of life we ​​live requires us humans to use their time effectively and it is the best practice that serves this purpose in laser epilation. Hairs, which have been a nightmare for women for many years, have provided a comfortable breath thanks to this application.

Laser epilation, which is increasing in demand by men every year, makes social life more livable and practical as it completely destroys the majority of hairs.

In the human body, there may be excessive hair growth in addition to the normal hair structure and there may be more than one reason. Hormonal disorders, thyroid diseases, diseases such as ovarian cysts, genetics, drug use, etc. People who experience excessive hair growth have great psychological and social problems. The women who came to us with the problem of facial hair and said, 'I no longer hesitate from mirrors, I do not linger with tweezers in my hand when I go out, and I feel more comfortable when talking to people' at the end of a few sessions are just a small example of what I wrote above.

In the light of all this information, the most sensitive point to be known is that; There are 3 ways to benefit from the comfort of laser epilation. These; The right time, the right specialist and the right device. We, as Almina Polyclinic, keep these 3 truths for our valued guests.Our device consists of Alexandrite, Nd: YAG, Diode lasers and addresses different hair structures, so you will not be treated with the same device from beginning to end. In addition, we transfer the areas that will not benefit from the application to the people and we save money and time by optimizing the process, because the parts that will not get results can make us victims with you.

You can find what you wonder about laser epilation in the questions and answers we have compiled for you.

Does laser hair removal cause cancer?
The effect of the radiation emitted from the laser is as high as a mobile phone. This is not enough for you to get cancer. We have not encountered such a case as people who have performed this procedure for years.

Does laser epilation stain the skin?
It is imperative that you protect your skin from the sun after the application, but this is a situation we need to pay attention to nowadays, so as long as you are protected from the sun, you will not have any problems.

Will laser epilation affect my ovaries, will I be infertile?
The laser progresses up to 1 cm under the skin, that is, you will not have any problems with your reproduction or any ovarian problems until your hair root. Also, we have had many guests who became pregnant after laser treatment.

Will my hair grow again after laser epilation?
If life continues, hormones continue to work, so an emergence may be observed in the hair, but this does not mean that your hair will come back in its original state. Impaired hair follicle will grow dull and thin, with very few hairs in number. You will not experience a worrying result.

Is there an age limit for laser hair removal?
It can be done as of the age of 14, but we stipulate that our female guests have had their period for at least 2 years.

Will my bristles be completely gone?
Sorry but no 100% hairlessness is out of the question. Results of laser hair removal vary from person to person and according to hair condition.
It is more difficult to get results in a person with light hair, but in dark color ones, the result is almost perfect.

Will laser epilation correct my ingrown hairs?
Absolutely, the result is satisfactory for people with this problem. Batches usually occur when dry skin tries to get larger hairs from its small pores and begin to rotate around itself close to the surface with the pressure of the underlying hair. In laser epilation, first the first session is made in the tissue and the hairs gain their freedom. Until the next session, some of the hairs that come to the surface are shed and some reach the position to receive the laser. Thus, in the next sessions, the hairs that decrease or become lifeless do not cause ingrown and you will experience that smooth skin feeling when touched.

In which hairs does laser epilation give the most results?
We have observed that the underarm, genitals and lower half of the leg are the areas with the best results so far. Before starting the laser, these areas were mostly subjected to various processes in one's own style, such as razor, wax, thread. These stimulated hairs become harder and darker. In other words, they are ideal for laser epilation. The face, arm and upper half of the leg usually have light and lifeless hair. Therefore, laser results take a little longer.

How many sessions does laser epilation give results?
Again, it is a result that varies from person to person, but many of our guests have relieved seriously after 3 or 4 sessions.