What is a stain? Stains are shapes that are different in color from the skin color formed on the skin due to the accumulation of a number of reasons. These shapes, ie stains, are at the same level with the skin. The spots that are not at the same level with the skin are moles and bumps belonging to different classes.

How Do the Spots Look?
Skin spots appear in a variety of shapes with rounded and scattered borders in colors darker or lighter than the skin color. Spots that may occur on all parts of the body such as face, hands, décolleté, back and legs can be seen more intensely on points that are exposed to the sun and are not protected.

What Causes Stains?
The reasons for the formation of stains are more than one. These,

The sun and the sun's harmful rays
The skin color is light and the skin structure is weak, and it is quickly affected by destructive effects.
Genetic inheritance
Medication use, treatment of some ailments
Using poor quality cosmetic products
No skin care
It is a number of ailments.
How Is Laser Treatment Done And How Does It Affect?
Stain treatment with laser is performed using Q-Switched Nd: Yag laser. In this treatment, all the spots that the patient requests treatment are applied. However, it cannot be guaranteed that every applied stain is completely equal to the color of the skin. Because the reason for the formation, characteristic feature, color, size and depth of each stain is different.

Equipped laser device with Q-Switched Nd: Yag laser system is adjusted to provide an examination suitable for the patient's spots. Then make sure that the spots are clean and dry and laser shots are made on these points.

The laser beams descending from the epidermis to the dermis with the contact of the laser on the spots break down the melanin forming the spots. When the intact melanins are broken down, they are absorbed by the skin by the autologous healing mechanism of the skin damaged by laser. In this way, the stain appearance gets closer to the skin color with improvement.

Is Laser Treatment Painful?
There may be a small amount of pain involved with this treatment. However, applications are made with the help of the latest technology devices and cold air blowing apparatus. This way, the pain will be relieved.

In How Many Sessions Are Spots Treated?
The number of spots, their color, their depth, and the quality of the stains' response to treatment affect the number of sessions. Therefore, first session should be done and these symptoms should be observed.

Can Laser Spot Treatment Be Combined With Other Treatments?
Stains are problems that occur on the skin. For this reason, they can be brought closer to the skin color with applications that will provide treatment from deep to the surface, just like laser. For this reason, the treatment can be combined with other aesthetic applications such as laser, which can affect subcutaneously, instead of treatments such as care and peeling.

When are the results of laser treatment of spots seen and are the results permanent?
Treatment results are seen gradually. As the sessions progress and the temporary side effects improve after the session, the color of the stain gets closer to the skin. The actual result is seen with the last session. The results obtained are permanent if there is no stain problem again. For this reason, it is very important to be protected from the sun in summer and winter and to use quality cosmetics and care products in order to avoid re-stain problems.

What are the Laser Treatment Prices?
The treatment plan should be determined in order for the information about the laser treatment prices to be clarified. You can contact us for detailed information about spot treatment and prices.