Pico laser is the newest and most effective laser system for removing tattoos and permanent make-up in all colors. Higher energies in 10 times shorter time than Q-switch lasers allow us to shoot only paint particles without damaging the surrounding tissues.

In addition, picocare 450 is a device that can shoot at 450 levels in pico lasers and has FDA approval.It allows the dye particles to be removed by the defense cells of our body faster by separating them into much smaller pieces than qswitch lasers.

The number of sessions varies according to the depth of the paint and the characteristics of the paint. While it takes 4-10 sessions with the previous lasers, it decreases by half with the pico laser.

The treatment is less painful than other lasers. Local anesthetic creams used before the procedure can reduce this pain even more.

After the treatment, there may be redness, edema and blisters in places. Antibiotic cream is applied and closed in our clinic. Then, care is recommended with an epielizing cream. The crusts are shed within 6-10 days. Sun protection should not be neglected.

Session intervals are between 6-8 weeks.
Pico laser makes it easier for us to get faster and better results in every color tattoo and permanent make-up.

With the wide wavelength range of the pico laser and its ability to deliver high energy in a trillionth of a second, our effectiveness increases in tattoos of all colors.

Tattoo may not always be regretful, but now your tattoos of all colors can be removed faster and more effectively with the picolaser when you regret it.