Skin is a structure that both covers our body and supports our aesthetic appearance. This structure changes over time with destructive effects and inherited elements. This change occurs when the skin begins to lose its health, show signs of aging and lose its aesthetic stance. At this stage, laser treatments and skin rejuvenation treatments can be applied. With these treatments, signs of aging on the skin are controlled.

How is Skin Rejuvenation Performed with Laser?
With the laser system used in this treatment, skin renewal is provided with a deep effect on the surface without peeling the skin. In this treatment, the skin;

Pigment imbalances
Pale skin color
Problems such as the loss of elastin and collagen and the loosening of the skin due to this loss and the onset of skin cracks are solved.
In skin renewal with laser, the application area is scanned with laser beams. Scanning is performed on all points up to the décolleté, including the face, jowl and neck area. In this treatment, which is especially successful for tiredness and purplish appearance around the eyes, after the scans are completed, protective creams are applied and the procedure is terminated.

Protection from the sun is very important in skin rejuvenation treatment, as in all laser treatments.

How many sessions are applied to skin rejuvenation with laser?
This treatment is done both to correct and control existing skin problems and to prevent aging problems that may occur. For this reason, the number of sessions to be applied is primarily shaped according to these two application purposes. Then, the number of sessions will be determined according to the intensity of the existing problems.

What is Laser Used in Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?
The laser system used in this treatment is fractional laser systems. In other words, it is the laser system used in skin treatments. The applications made with this laser system are performed in a cooled application environment, ensuring the comfort of the patient, and the pain that is likely to be felt is thus alleviated.

Who Can Apply Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?
These treatments can be performed on people who do not cause harm from laser beams, just like other laser treatments. You can find out detailed information about this subject and whether you are suitable for treatment by consulting our doctor.

Can Laser Skin Rejuvenation Treatments Be Combined With Other Aesthetic Treatments?
Other aesthetic treatments can be combined with this treatment in order to maintain and support the results obtained with this treatment, to resolve the problems that are outside the scope of this treatment, and to obtain a versatile youth image. For this, the final results of skin rejuvenation treatment with laser should be waited, and other treatment options that can be applied according to the final result should be evaluated with the doctor.

Treatments that can be easily combined with this treatment are,

Botox (botox)
Skin filling (face and lip filling)
There may be a thread face lift.
What are the Prices of Laser Skin Rejuvenation?
In order for the information about laser skin rejuvenation prices to be clarified, the treatment plan should be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about laser skin rejuvenation and prices.