Tattoo removal with laser

Tattoo removal with laser

Tattoo removal with laser

Tattoos are drawing patterns, texts, figures that are meaningful to the person under the skin with a permanent paint. In short, tattoos, which are a kind of body design, are not successful in removing any other treatment than laser.

In tattoo removal treatments performed with a laser device with a Q-Switched Nd: Yag laser system specially designed for this treatment, this treatment is applied in sessions to remove tattoos, that is, to remove the trapped dyes from where they are and to bring the dyes closer to the skin color. Each session is adjusted by healing the previous session and maintaining the effect created by the laser without losing it.

Why Are Tattoos Deleted?
Tattoos are made with the aim of permanence for a lifetime. However, sometimes tattoos may be wanted to be erased due to the fact that they cause allergies in time, get bored with the tattoo, give up, regret, request a different tattoo design, and the existing tattoo negatively affects that design, and the tattoo creates a negative impression in various job applications.

How to Remove Tattoos with Laser?
In this treatment, laser beams are sent at the appropriate setting by following a certain route on the tattoo to be removed. With the contact of the laser beams with the dye under the skin, the dyes are roughly exploded where they are located. The paints are dispersed with the laser heat and speed, some of the burning paints come to the surface with the formation of crusting on the skin. The tattoos made by shedding the scabs, repairing the damage of the skin with laser, camouflaging the dye under the skin and the broken dye with the healing of the skin are brought closer to the skin color.

Laser is the only treatment for removing tattoos. However, with today's technology, it is unfortunately not possible to completely erase tattoos. However, with this technology, tattoos that are closer to the skin color will not attract attention and are made to be camouflaged with new tattoos.

Which tattoos can be removed with laser?
In this treatment, all tattoos are applied. However, just as in spot treatment, the same degree of erasure and skin color cannot be guaranteed for each tattoo. This situation, that is, what affects the approximation of tattoos to their color, is due to a number of criteria.

These criteria are,

How deep the tattoo is from the skin surface
Color of the tattoo (dark and light colors)
The quality of the paint used in tattooing
Age of the tattoo (how old the tattoo is)
Skin color and skin structure of the tattoo owner
It is whether the tattoo has gone through retouching work.
If the tattoo is done in an amateur way, if the color is not dark, if it is deep and newly made, if the paint used in its production is of high quality, if the area where the tattoo is located is in a very sensitive area, it will be more difficult to remove it.
Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?
The treatment in question may hurt a little. Therefore, local anesthesia is applied to the tattoo before the sessions.

Can Laser Tattoo Removal Be Applied To Everyone?
The treatment in question can be applied to people whose health and hormonal status are normal and stable. In other words, people who do not cause harm from laser beams are suitable for this treatment.

What are the Laser Tattoo Removal Prices?
In order for the information about laser tattoo removal prices to be clarified, the treatment plan should be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about tattoo removal and prices.