Chemical peeling is a peeling application made to solve the problems on the skin. In this treatment, a chemical agent is applied on the skin and this chemical is expected to purify the dead cells on the skin and peel off the dead skin. In this way, superficial problems on the skin are removed from the skin.

What is a Chemical Peeling Medicine?
The chemical drug used in this treatment is a cocktail drug containing different fruit varieties.

Which Problems Are Solved With Chemical Peeling?
With this treatment, shallow lines and blemishes on the skin can be resolved. In addition, black spots, dirt and oil filling the pores, dead cells, dull and faded skin problems can be solved.

How Is Chemical Peeling Made?
Chemical peeling is not a viscous granular peeling cream. This medicine is as liquid and transparent as water. With the help of a brush, it is applied on clean and dry skin, it is kept on the skin for as long as the doctor deems appropriate and the skin is washed. Then, protective creams are applied and the process is terminated. The sessions of this treatment take an average of 8 - 10 minutes, with the patient preparing for the session, applying the medicine, waiting and cleaning.
In other words, chemical peeling treatment is a practical skin treatment that can be done easily even at noon.

Is Chemical Peeling Painful?
Even if the drug used in this treatment is acid and the dead skin is peeled off, no pain is felt during the effect of the drug. Therefore, there is no need for any local anesthesia.

Who Can Apply Chemical Peeling?
Although fruit acids are used in this treatment, a strong chemical drug is applied on the skin. For this reason, it is not recommended to perform the procedure in patients who may have inconveniences in its application. For example,

Pregnant and nursing mothers
Those with active acne problems
Those with skin diseases
Chemical peeling may be inconvenient for patients with serious health and hormonal problems.
How many sessions is chemical peeling done?
The number of sessions in this treatment varies depending on the problem in the skin. For example, the number of sessions may be 1 for shallow superficial problems, while the number of sessions may be 6 for serious skin problems. There is also an application period between these sessions. Applying without changing this period is also very important for the success of the treatment.

Which Treatments Can Chemical Peeling Be Combined With?
Medical skin care can be performed regularly to support the skin that is purified from superficial problems with chemical peeling and to maintain its cleanliness and vitality. In this way, both skin health is supported and signs of aging are delayed.

What are Chemical Peeling Prices?
In order for the information about chemical peeling prices to be clear, the treatment plan must be determined. You can contact us to get detailed information about this, namely chemical peeling and chemical peeling prices.