Dermatherapy is a skin rejuvenation and problem solving treatment. The purpose of the treatment, which is based on the release of growth factors that the skin needs under the skin with a special hand tool, is to control the signs of aging.

How is Dermatherapy Performed?
This treatment is done with the help of a dermaroller device. This tool consists of about 100 micro-needles arranged on a cylinder. This roller tool is moved over the application area without applying pressure. During walking, shallow, controlled micro channels are created on the skin. After the dermaroller is applied until a sufficient number of micro channels is obtained, a special treatment serum is fed on the skin. Dermatherapy serums containing growth factors, herbal stem cell extracts, vitamins, minerals and building blocks, which infiltrate under the skin much more easily from the opened channels, quickly begin treatment where they reach.

What Skin Problems Are Treated With Dermatherapy?
In this aesthetic application, the skin

Scar, scar
Wrinkle and line
Excessive oily or dryness that disrupts skin balance
Changes in skin color
Dead cells
Black dots
Problems such as large pores are solved.
How Many Sessions Is Dermatherapy Applied?
The number of sessions of treatment depends on skin problems. If the problems in the skin are superficial and the number of problems is not high, an average of 3 sessions will be sufficient. However, if the problems in the skin are deep and intense, the number of sessions will be more.

When Can Results Be Achieved with Dermatherapy?
With this treatment, the results are observed with progressive sessions and the improvement of the microchannels opened following the last session.

Who Can Apply Dermatherapy?
This treatment

Not pregnant
Not breastfeeding
Not in adolescence
Without serious health problems
It can be applied to people who do not have circulatory disorders. Apart from this, dermatherapy can be applied to all male and female patients.
Are Dermatherapy Results Permanent?
The results obtained with this treatment have a long retention time. But this period is not clearly known. Because each person's skin problem, skin character, the degree of being affected by external and destructive effects is different. Depending on these criteria, the duration of permanence varies. However, long periods of dermatherapy sessions can be performed to maintain the results obtained. For example, 1 - 2 sessions can be applied every 6 months without losing the aesthetic results obtained after a successful dermatherapy treatment.
In addition, daily skin care should be done to support the aesthetic results obtained with dermatherapy. It is very important to carry out daily skin care regularly with the right products, to keep the skin always clean and moist, and to carry out medical skin care at the transition of the season to maintain the results achieved.
When these and similar skin treatments are applied as a support to each other and combined with the right number of applications at the right times, they provide all the necessary effects for both an aesthetic appearance and skin health.

What are Dermatherapy Prices?
In order for the information about dermatherapy prices to be clarified, the treatment plan must be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about dermatherapy and prices.