Mesotherapy is a form of treatment for skin and hair. Mesotherapy, which is a needle procedure, must be done by a doctor.
Facial mesotherapy is also performed to solve some skin problems and to control the signs of aging.

Which Problems Can Be Treated With Facial Mesotherapy?
With facial mesotherapy,

Skin spots
Excessive skin oily
Lines, superficial wrinkles
Scars (acne, wound, burn, traumatic scars)
Pale skin color
Lack of building blocks necessary for leather
Is Facial Mesotherapy Applied to All Facial Points?
Of course. Facial mesotherapy is applied to all points in the face, neck and décolleté areas for the solution of skin problems.

Around the eyes
Circumference of the nose
How Is Mesotherapy Done?
It is made with special mesotherapy needles. The application area should be clean for the operations performed in the areas with the problems listed above and with successful results. Procedures performed under local anesthesia allow the patient to have an aesthetic appearance without pain. By applying the procedure determined by the doctor, very fine needles are entered under the skin and small amounts of mesotherapy medication are injected at certain points.

What is Mesotherapy Drug?
Mesotherapy drug is a mixture obtained by mixing the drugs, serums, vitamins, minerals, building blocks and acids required to solve the problem in appropriate doses. The content of this mixture is shaped as a result of the doctor's examination.

Who is Mesotherapy Applied to?
Mesotherapy can be applied to people whose health conditions do not hesitate to inject drugs, vitamins, proteins, acids and similar substances.

Expectant mother
In women who are breastfeeding
It is inconvenient to apply to men and women using medication.
Can Mesotherapy Always Be Performed?
Mesotherapy can be done again when the effect starts to disappear. Before each mesotherapy application, re-doctor control, the type and degree of the problem, and the suitability for the procedure are determined by examination. However, there should always be an upper limit and dose of continuous mesotherapy treatment. Guidance on this subject will be made by your doctor.

What are the Facial Mesotherapy Prices?
In order for the information about face mesotherapy prices to be clarified, the treatment plan must be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about facial mesotherapy and mesotherapy prices.