Microdermabrasion is the process of mechanically removing the dead part on the top surface of the skin. In this process, a micro level peeling is provided and all problems on the surface are tried to be solved without touching the lower layers of the skin.

How is Microdermabrasion Performed?
Microdermabrasion is performed with a special device and application head of the device. The special head of the device has the feature of pulling and sweeping the dead skin from the application area by flaking the mechanical microcrystals with pressurized spraying and spraying effect. The head is contacted with the skin and application is made to the entire process area.

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?
In this treatment, mechanical crystals sprayed from the head of the device with pressure exfoliate the skin without causing any damage to the skin. It exfoliates the dead skin that appears on the skin and gives an unhealthy appearance. During the peeling process, the dead part, which is no longer dependent on the skin, is removed from the skin with the vacuum of the device. In this way, both healthy and clean skin is revealed and the collagen and elastin network under the skin is strengthened by stimulating elastin and collagen production with the double effect during the procedure. In this way, while skin problems are resolved, the youthful image is also supported.

What is the Effectiveness Area of ​​Microdermabrasion?
The field of activity of this treatment,

Thin, shallow lines
Skin spots
Superficial scars, scars
Blackheads and dirt in pores
They are dead cells.
Is There Any Scars After Microdermabrasion?
This treatment is applied only on the upper surface of the skin within the epidermis boundaries. For this reason, no traces or permanent damage occur on the skin. In order to avoid any negative effects, the treatment is applied to patients who do not have any risk, and special soothing and protective creams are applied on the skin after the session. These creams also include sunscreen creams. In addition to these, cold application is applied over the skin immediately after the treatment and the rashes are alleviated.

Are There Any Issues That Should Be Considered After Treatment?
It is important not to wash the application area with very hot water and not to use chemical and irritating products for 1 day after the sessions ended. In addition, sun protection creams should be used continuously. The resulting fresh skin is vulnerable and quickly affected by destructive external influences. For this reason, in order for the treatment to be successful, both the skin must be well protected and kept clean.

Can Skin Rejuvenation Treatment with Microdermabrasion be Applied to Everyone?
In order for the treatment to be applied, the health and hormonal status of the patient to be treated must be at normal values. In addition, the patient should not have active acne, not be pregnant, and have passed puberty.

Are Treatment Results Permanent?
Treatment results show permanence for a long time. But it is difficult to be permanent for life. In order for the aesthetic results obtained with the treatment to be permanent, the skin care should be done daily and professionally, and the treatment should be repeated with long application intervals.

What are Microdermabrasion Prices?
In order for the information about microdermabrasion prices to be clarified, the treatment plan should be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about microdermabrasion and its prices.