Needle radiofrequency treatment is a skin rejuvenation treatment. In this treatment, superficial and deep skin problems that occur on the skin are treated at the most appropriate level.
With needle radiofrequency treatment,

Correction of fine wrinkles and lines
Rejuvenation of pores
Controlling the signs of aging on the skin
Correction of scars and scars on the skin
With collagen stimulation, skin problems such as loosening, sagging, excessive skin oily can be solved.
How is Needle Radiofrequency Applied?
The application of this treatment takes approximately 35 minutes depending on the width of the application area and the scanning of the area. In the treatments performed with a special device, after the device head reset on the skin is adjusted according to the target point, the needles in the device head enter under the skin. Radiofrequency waves are sent to the target simultaneously with the contact of the needles under the skin. In this way, the entire application area is scanned. After the appropriate points are scanned by following a certain route, the session is ended.

How Deep Do Needles Enter?
In the treatment in question, the needles are thin and short enough to be micro. In other words, since the needles that puncture the skin do not sink too deeply, there is no permanent scar or scar after the treatment. Because the aim of radiofrequency treatment with needles is to create a superficial damage to the skin with the sunset of the needles and to heal the skin problems while the collagen stimulated to treat the damage.

Is The Treatment Painful?
The treatment in question may cause some pain. However, before the treatment, local anesthesia cream is applied to the application area. After the effective cream, treatment is started. Thus, possible suffering is prevented.

Is Needle Radiofrequency Treatment a Safe Treatment?
The needles in the device head used in this treatment are gold. These needles, which are gold, prevent the risks in patients with metal allergies, and there are no microbes or bacteria. These microbe-free and non-carrying needles are sterilized with a special drug after each patient.

Who Can Apply Needle Radiofrequency Treatment?
This treatment can be applied to people who have skin problems, signs of aging on their skin, and whose health and hormonal status are normal and stable. Needle radiofrequency applied to all patients with these criteria is not a gender-discriminating treatment.

How many sessions is needed for needle radiofrequency treatment?
The number of sessions of the treatment in question is shaped according to the treatment season according to the problem in the skin. This treatment is not recommended for the prevention of skin wounds during the summer months. The number of sessions may be 4 for an average skin problem.

When are Results of Needle Radiofrequency Treatment Observed?
The results of this treatment begin to be seen with the second session. The actual results are seen with the recovery of the last session and the last session. This period is estimated within 5 days after the last session.

Are the Results of Needle Radiofrequency Treatment Permanent?
Long-lasting results may begin to lose their effect over time due to the recurrence of skin problems. In this case, you can apply to the doctor for a new radiofrequency treatment with needles for your skin problems or your problems can be treated with other aesthetic treatments.

What are Needle Radiofrequency Prices?
In order for the information about needle radiofrequency prices to be clear, the treatment plan and the number of sessions should be determined. You can contact us for detailed information about needle radiofrequency and needle radiofrequency prices.