High-focus ultrasound is a non-surgical face lift treatment. In the high-focus ultrasound treatment, in which the effects such as recovery of the skin that loses its elasticity, sharpening of facial contours, obtaining tightness, opening of fine lines due to stretching and stretching, pain and pain are not in question.

How is Stretching Treatment Performed with High Focused Ultrasound?
This treatment is done with the help of a special device. For the treatment, the application area should be clean, dry and free from excess hair. The reason for this is that the ultrasound waves to be focused should not lose energy and speed before reaching the target point. If there is no obstacle for the procedure in the application area, cold gel is applied and the session is started. The device head is brought into contact with the skin through the gel. The ultrasound waves are focused on the target without moving the device head that is contacted. So it is sent to the focus very quickly. In this way, the waves that give all the energy to the target point immediately start the treatment.

The entire application area is processed in this way. The session is ended by completing the necessary steps.

How Do Ultrasound Waves Affect?
Ultrasound waves begin to act instantly where they are focused. By stimulating the items under the skin, it provides recovery and stretching of the elements that cause loosening and sagging. In addition, since elastin and collagen production is stimulated, the cells begin to act like young cells and the desired stretching and recovery effect is achieved.

What Are the Application Areas of Focused Ultrasound?
Areas where treatment can be applied,

Facial area
It is around the eyes.
In all these areas, recovery, pull-up and stretching can be provided, as well as application can be made for both the preliminary and a little more pull-up effect without experiencing any sagging problems. For example, without the problem of sagging, it can be applied to the eyebrow circumference and the eyebrows can be pulled up a little more tense and young.

Who Can Be Performed Non-Surgical Stretching Treatment with Focused Ultrasound?
First of all, this treatment does not give the expected result in patients with many sagging and loosening problems. Because, in patients with very serious problems and late, results can only be obtained with facelift surgery. In addition, in order to be suitable for the treatment in question, there should not be any obstacles such as an active infection on the skin, pregnancy, breastfeeding, circulatory disorders, some health problems. You should definitely consult your doctor to find out about the suitability for treatment.

How many sessions is the treatment done?
This treatment is done only in one session. At the end of a single session, the results are seen within an average of 20 days. In some cases, a single session may be insufficient or supportive sessions are needed. In such cases, after the effect of the first session is observed, the second session can be applied within an appropriate period.

Supportive sessions can be held once a year to maintain the results of the treatment. In addition, daily skin care, professional skin care should not be neglected, and supportive creams and serums should be used in addition to daily skin care. This situation depends on the patient's request. Necessary information and content recommendations can be specified by the doctor at the request of the patient.

What Are High Focused Ultrasound Prices?
The treatment plan should be determined in order to clarify the information about high-focus ultrasound prices. You can contact us to get detailed information about this, that is, focused ultrasound and facelift and prices.