It is the process of cleansing the dead layer accumulated on the skin and removing comedones and acne.

Skin care has an important effect in terms of protecting our skin from external factors and gravity. Increasing skin elasticity, maintaining moisture balance, regeneration, purification and rejuvenation are the routine needs of our skin. It is a care that should be done regularly once a month.

After the professional care applied, it should be supported with home continuation products. At this stage, product selection is important.

As ALMİNA POLİKLİNİĞİ, we prefer dermocosmetic REJUVI products in our center. REJUVI products, which have a wide range of products used for more than 30 years worldwide, reach a wide audience.

Lifelong acne, blemish, anti aging, pore tightening, rosacea, dryness, sensitivity, capillary vessel, skin rejuvenation, dark spots, etc. With REJUVI products, the results can be reached comfortably in all skin problems.

Is a single session enough?

In one session, you will feel the difference in your skin, but it is not enough. You should support it with monthly regular care and home care products.

Will there be any redness or scar after skin care?

Depending on the skin sensitivity, it may vary from person to person. Slight pinking can be seen and you can return to your social life immediately.

How much will it take?

Our applications vary between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on the skin problem.

Will my fine lines and wrinkles go away with skin care?

With regular skin care and special anti-aging special care, there are visible improvements.